Prophetess Yinka wears pyjamas to crossover service

TB Joshua disciple Prophetess Yinka Olugbenga

Prophetess Yinka Olugbenga, a former senior member of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), ministered at a crossover service in Malawi on December 31 in pyjamas.

The service was held at Glorious Light International Church, Lilongwe.

Another former top SCOAN member Prophetess Anne also ministered at the event.

Founder of Glorious Light International Church Bishop Abraham Simama and Ada Ehi from Nigeria also featured.

Prophetess Yinka, as she is known for short, gave a short sermon titled, ‘Make your heart God’s home’ in her colourful pyjamas.

The clergywoman mentioned several things which, according to her, God requires from his children. “Being truthful, honest, kind, forgiving and walking humbly with God,” she said.

According to her, if the children of God follow this roadmap, God will take the blessings in his hand and release it to them.

Ahead of her ministration at the church, she prayed for her followers on Instagram, saying, “As we welcome our spirit, soul and body to eleventh hours of 2021, l decree and declare as the LORD remembered Jabez in 1 Chronicle 4:9-10 and He made him more honourable than his brothers so shall the Lord change every unpleasant situations in your life. That garment of pain be removed right now in the name of Jesus Christ! May you continue to rise above all your limitations in Jesus Name! Amen.”

The church also held a candlelight session to herald the arrival of the New Year.

While Prophetess Yinka was dressed in pyjamas, Prophetess Anne wore a green dress.

The duo also joined the church for the first Sunday service of the year on January 2.

This time Yinka was dressed in black and white stripes dress and a white jacket to complement while Anne wore a black dress.

Prophetesses Yinka and Anne were disciples of SCOAN founder Prophet TB Joshua who died on June 5, 2021.

They left the Nigerian megachurch after Joshua’s wife Evelyn Joshua emerged as the new leader in September 2021.