Police officer with coronavirus travels from Lagos to Ondo for treatment

Coronavirus test

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has expressed disappointment in the porosity of the state’s borders, following the entry of a coronavirus patient from Lagos.

The governor said in a Twitter thread on Saturday that a police officer who tested positive for coronavirus travelled from Lagos to Ondo for treatment after waiting endlessly to be taken in by health officials in Lagos.

“Earlier today, I got news of another positive case of #COVID19 admitted to our facility in Akure. The case of this individual who is a police officer is unique,” Mr Akeredolu wrote.

“He was tested in Lagos but came to Ondo state while awaiting his results. Upon receiving a positive result, he claimed to have returned back to Lagos. According to him, he waited a few days in Lagos to be picked up. When this failed, he panicked and rushed back to Akure for treatment.”

The governor added that he had spoken with the state’s commissioner of police to increase security at Ondo’s borders.

“While we appreciate the confidence reposed in our facilities, we do find it most reckless on the part of the officer of the Law to risk the lives of others,” he wrote.

“I am most disappointed in the level of porosity of the entry points to the state. The police officer should know better. I have contacted the commissioner of police to double up on securing our entry points.”

Ondo now has three active cases of coronavirus (COVID-19).