Peter Okoye warns fans against internet fraudsters

Peter Okoye P-Square

Singer Peter Okoye has warned his fans against internet fraudsters defrauding people in her name, using fake accounts.

The 40-year-old gave the warning in a Twitter post on Thursday.

“If you dm me again that you ve been scammed by this fraudsters using my Zoom platform to deceive people all in the name of “Giveaway” I will BLOCK YOU. How can someone message u that you won money and still tell u to pay to receive your money and you believe them! Like how?

“Like I don’t understand some people! Is like me saying I am doing a Give Away of 100k each but you have to Send me 30k first to receive the 100k! Pls does that make any sense? Greed to the highest level! but they will pay fraudsters and come here to complain,” he wrote.

On Instagram, the singer wrote: “I have said what I said, he who has ears let him hear.”