Peter Obi donates N2m to Abuja primary healthcare centre, calls for reforms

Peter Obi

Former presidential candidate Peter Obi on Thursday visited Tungan Madaki Primary Healthcare Centre in Abuja as the world marks World Sick Week.

Mr Obi’s tour of the healthcare facility that serves 32 villages, where he donated N2 million to assist them in facility uplift, shed light on the critical state of the country’s health sector, emphasising its pivotal role in societal progress and development.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Obi underscored the importance of revitalising primary healthcare, a cornerstone of the Human Development Index (HDI) crucial for poverty alleviation, education, and overall well-being.

According to him, shocking statistics reveal that less than 10% of primary healthcare centres across Nigeria are operating effectively, grappling with issues such as decay, equipment shortages, and understaffing.

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He said that alarmingly over 50% of these centres are in a state of disrepair, demanding immediate attention.

Obi lamented the misallocation of resources, citing examples such as the alleged diversion of over N70 billion towards procuring vehicles and constructing car parks for National Assembly members, while primary healthcare receives a mere N59 billion.

The former governor of Anambra State condemned the disparities in funding allocation, pointing out that Nigeria’s infant mortality rate remains higher than that of India, despite its smaller population.

Further highlighting the issue, Obi revealed that the combined capital budget for six major teaching hospitals is less than N15 billion, while the Aso Rock Clinic receives N21 billion compared to the N2.8 billion allocated to the frontline National Hospital in Abuja.

As World Sick Week unfolds, Obi called on the government to reassess its priorities and demonstrate a firm commitment to healthcare reform, urging a reallocation of resources to address the pressing needs of the healthcare sector.