Pete Edochie’s son shuts down rumour he died in car crash

Pete Edochie

Uche Edochie, son of veteran actor Pete Edochie, has debunked the rumour his father was involved in a car accident that led to his death.

The rumour started circulating on social media after several bloggers reported that the actor died in a motor accident.

However, his son took to Instagram on Friday, saying that the actor is alive and was never involved in an accident.

Uche stated that a group of people has taken up the task of declaring his father dead for the past twenty years, adding that human beings are a “weird bunch.”

He wrote: “Hi everyone. My dad is fine. No, he is not dead and he has not been in an accident. Believe it or not, for the past twenty years, a group of people has taken up the task of declaring that my dad is dead. They do this every other year. Human beings are a weird bunch. I wonder what motivates people to do things like this. These are adults.”

“I guess they do it to drive traffic to their websites or just for their attention. Who knows. If this was a one-off incident, I would not even bother to talk about it. But they have persisted. They have been doing this for years now and in the past few days, friends are calling us yet again. My dad must be some sort of superhero because according to the people peddling this news, he has died like a hundred times in the past twenty years. Anyway thanks guys. Just needed to drop a quick one and shut this madness down. Have a superb week.”