Paul Okoye reacts to Davido insulting his friends

Paul Okoye P-Square

Singer Paul Okoye has reacted to his colleague Davido insulting his friends because they attended his and twin brother Peter’s birthday parties separately.

Davido had in a tweet expressed that he was disappointed at those who attended the twins separate parties.

Paul, 39, addressed Davido’s tweet via his instastories.

“On what level and Audacity do you have to call my friends p***y….bro has it come to this? I am highly disappointed with you,” he wrote on Friday.

“You don’t have the right to insult my family and friends.”

Paul also said that majority of the people that attended his party also attended Peter’s party as well.

“For your infor….90% of those that came to mine still went to his…same the other way round and I respect their decision,” he wrote.

Paul and Peter turned 39 on Wednesday.

They held separate parties to mark their birthday.