Sam Adeyemi speaks with Poju Oyemade on 5G, coronavirus, Antichrist

Sam Adeyemi

Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, has spoken on the controversy surrounding the 5G mobile networks, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Antichrist.

In a live Instagram session with Pastor Poju Oyemade, Adeyemi said he went online and found a research article by a history lecturer.

The cleric said he bought the research article which dug into the British archives.

“1918 September when the thing hit, the way air travel now is the main thing for global transportation, it was sea travel that spread the pandemic around then,” he told Oyemade.

“The ships that brought the sick people into the Lagos port I got the names, the dates they arrived, how the thing spread in Nigeria.

“They closed churches. They closed mosques. They shut down schools. They shut down markets. 1918. So some of us now think it is the Antichrist that is at work. It does not want us to gather together to fellowship.

“We should just be thanking God that we have internet now and we can be relating without meeting together. They shut churches in 1918. So when the leader gets perspectives like that, you calm people down and then tell them there will be life after this thing.”

Founder and President of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has been at the forefront of people linking the 5G mobile networks to the coronavirus and the Antichrist.

Oyakhilome had claimed that the lockdown ordered by the Federal Government in Lagos and Abuja was simply to lay fibre optic cables in preparation for the launch of 5G mobile networks.

He also said the proponents of a ‘new world order’ created the coronavirus to cause fear among people and are putting together a vaccine for it and 5G networks to control people’s lives.