Pastor Ighodalo hails pilot of air force jet who survived attack

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo new

Senior pastor of Trinity House, Lagos Ituah Ighodalo has applauded the pilot of the Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet, Flt. Lt. Abayomi Dairo, who survived an air crash.

Dairo successfully ejected himself from an aircraft that reportedly came under “intense ground fire from bandits” in Zamfara last week.

Ighodalo hailed Dairo’s gallantry in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday night.

“Worthy of note is the valour and gallantry as displayed by Flt. Lt. Dairo whose jet was shot down by the armed bandit terrorist, I give all thanks to God for saving your life and thanks to all your teammates for putting up enough efforts to rescue you, this is the assurance we have that truth will always triumph over evil, please be encouraged this battle will soon be won!” he said.

The clergyman also spoke on flooding in Lagos. “From consultations with different levels of authorities, this can be tackled, and in the shortest possible time we believe we can experience some relief especially to those affected. I would again like to appeal to many to stop the habit of inappropriate waste disposal because this ends up clogging the drainage which in turn causes flooding when we have a heavy downpour,” he said.

Ighodalo wished Muslims a happy Eid Mubarak celebration. “To many who were unable to celebrate this year’s Eid Mubarak (SALLAH Celebration) as they would’ve loved to, due to the economic situations as occasioned by the increase in food prices and decrease in exchange rates, the PANDEMIC and other factors I sincerely sympathise with us all and I pray things will get better in no distant future,” he said.