Oxlade alleges betrayal over leaked sex video

Oxlade Official

Singer Oxlade has noted that betrayals are very real following the release of his sex video.

Oxlade said this in an apology he tendered in an Instagram story on Saturday.

In his apology, the 24-year-old said that he is not the type of person to willfully publish such material. He hinted at being betrayed by the person or persons who put out the video, then apologised to the lady in the tape and to his “fans and well wishers.”

“I am conscious that my business is out in the public and I am not the type of person to put my personal business out there. Betrayals are very real and in this same token I want to apologize to the woman inthe video, who did not deserve this type of exposure and lastly apologies to my fans and well wishers,” his apology read.

The singer sparked reactions on social media on Wednesday, February 9 after a video of him having sex with a lady circulated on the internet.