Owo soup

Owo soup is native to the Benin and Urhobo people of the Niger Delta. It is highly nutritious and very easy to prepare.


Bush Meat                          8 medium sizes

Smoked fish                       2 medium sizes

Smoked prawns                               I cup

Ground potash                 ½ teaspoon

Ground dry pepper         1 tablespoon

Ground crayfish                                2 tablespoons

Palm oil                                                3 cooking spoons

Seasoning cubes              2 cubes

Water                                   2 cups

Salt                                         to taste

Usi (starch)                         1 wrap


Wash the fish and bush meat thoroughly and break the fish into pieces.  Place both in a pot, add salt and half cup of water then steam for about five minutes. Add the remaining water, smoked prawns, pepper and seasoning cube. Stir, then add the potash and stir thoroughly.

Pour Starch (Usi) into a deep plate and add water and mix into a paste. Pour the paste into the pot and start to stir the soup thoroughly to avoid lumps.

Once you have poured the starch mixture inside the pot make sure you do not cover the soup as it will reduce the thickness and spoil the soup. Stir to thicken.

Cook for about 10 minutes. Add your salt to taste, remove from heat and allow cooling for about 5-10 minutes. Add the palm oil. Serve with starch (Usi) or boiled plantain.