Owo attack: No value for human life in Nigeria — Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni

Comedian turned actor Mr Macaroni has reacted to the attack on worshippers at the St Francis Catholic Church in Owo by gunmen on Sunday.

The comedian took to Twitter to Sunday to question the value of human life in Nigeria, adding that there was no justification for the killing.

In a series of tweets, he wrote: “Just reading that St Francis Church in Ondo State has been attacked!! Multiple People have been killed!!! I’m not even sure of the numbers.. saw a part of the video and I couldn’t even watch till the end!!! Is there no longer value for human life in Nigeria ??? Goodness!!!”

“How can you just kill people like this ??? How???? Like their lives mean nothing!! What should happen to their families?? Their loved ones, friends, colleagues?? What has happened to the right of every citizen to life? There is no justification for this madness!!!!”

“Children lying in a pool of their own Blood!!! All for what?? To what end?? This is not the Nigeria we want!!!!!”

“Killings upon killings in Nigeria!! It’s happening simultaneously in the South, West, East and North… how many of these criminals have been apprehended? What exactly is the government doing to secure the lives of Nigerians apart from offering condolences every damn time!!!”

“Tomorrow another tragedy could happen and then we forget about this one and move on to the next. Look at all the calamities that has occurred in the past 2 weeks. Has Justice been served even once?? The Nigerian Survival Mentality is not a blessing but a curse!”