Onanuga debunks fake photo of ‘sick’ Tinubu, says he’s in London

Spokesman of the APC Presidential Campaign Council Bayo Onanuga has faulted a fake viral photo which alleges the party’s presidential candidate Bola Tinubu is sick.

The whereabouts of the APC presidential flag bearer has been a matter of public concern following the official kick-off of the 2023 electioneering.

The rumour of Tinubu’s alleged ill health, which many ascribe to his sudden disappearance from the public scene, became rife on Thursday after the former governor was absent at the official signing of the peace pact by political parties and presidential candidates.

However, on Friday, Onanuga said in a Facebook post that Tinubu only went to London for a “short break”.

He said, “Here is a fake photo of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu forwarded to me just now, another handiwork of purveyors of deep fake. Whoever is behind this malicious falsehood will face the judgment of God at the right time. The man in the photo does not look like Asiwaju, except for his baldness. The man is fatter. Tinubu is slimmer.

“Look at the frame of his glasses. it is certainly not Tinubu’s trademark frame. Let me assure Nigerians who genuinely want to know Tinubu’s whereabouts. He is in London, in his house.

“Tinubu left Nigeria on Saturday night for a short break and in readiness for what will certainly be a gruelling campaign. I saw him, and spoke with him two hours before he left. He was hale and hearty. He was not ill. He didn’t go to treat any ailment.

“We spoke today at about 2pm. And he told me how his one-week retreat has not made any difference. He was still working like in Nigeria. Today, he still burnt his candle till 4.30 a.m.. Nigerians should stop spreading rumours about Tinubu, who by the grace of God and fellow Nigerians, will be elected our leader next February. We should learn from the divine fate of the man who wished Tinubu dead.”