Omotoyosi in police net after falsely tweeting she was kidnapped, raped

Twitter user Omotoyosi

A Twitter user identified as Omotoyosi on Thursday landed at the Bariga Police Station in Lagos after tweeting earlier in the day that she had been kidnapped at a location in the state that she mentioned.

The young lady walked into the police station herself accompanied by her parents and others, according to a tweep SamzyPR who shared a photo of them walking into the station.

“I’m being kidnapped guys. I’m being raped. Number 78 Obayan Street, Pako, Akoka, Lagos,” Omotoyosi had written. The tweet has since been deleted.

According to one Otunba on Twitter, her brother immediately acted on the tweet and alerted the family, only to realise it was a false alarm.

Omotoyosi released a video on Twitter later in the day, apologising for her action and calling for an end to threats to occupants of the house address she mentioned.

Her prank comes in the wake of a distress tweet sent by Dr Chinelo Megafu who was killed in the recent Abuja-Kaduna train attack. Many had assumed Chinelo was clout-chasing after she tweeted that she had been shot by terrorists who attacked the train.

Amid rumour that occupants of the house which she mentioned have been arrested, Twitter users have started calling for punishment for Omotoyosi.