Old video of Ooni’s newest wife Tobi Phillips berating married men who cheat goes viral

Ooni of Ife wife Tobi Phillips

An old video of Olori Tobi nee Phillips, the new wife of the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, berating married men who cheat on their wives has gone viral.

Tobi, a former beauty queen, got married to the monarch on Sunday, October 9. She is a model and graduate of marine science from the University of Lagos.

Her now viral video was posted on Instagram on September 5.

“Your marriage is just a piece of paper if all you do is chase everything under a skirt,” she said in the video.

Tobi also spoke about women, saying, “I wonder if people just get married for society’s sake these days…maybe not really because they love the person.”

She added, “I say this because so many marriages are short-lived, it gets met worried.”

Tobi asked if women make choices on who to get married to because of the society or because it’s really what they want.

The former World Miss University Africa urged women to stop discouraging people, like her, who intend to get married and stay married.

On cohabiting, she said, “It takes the grace of God for you to maintain that longevity, even when you love the person.”