Old Nollywood vs new Nollywood: Nigerians make comparisons on social media

Pete Edochie

Nigerian have taken to social media to make comparisons between the old Nollywood era and the new Nollywood following the release of Chief Daddy 2.

In a Twitter thread on Monday, some critics argued that the old Nollywood which comprises of movies shot before the introduction of cinema films and social media are better scripted than movies of the new Nollywood era.

Bellow are some of the reactions culled from Twitter.

@Hydra wrote: “Old Nollywood has awesome stories but poor production quality. New Nollywood has fantastic production quality and very few good stories. Shout out to Kemi Adetiba and Kunle Afolayan. Two of the few telling quality stories.”

“Nobody is is even talking about what will happen when the likes of Pete Edochie and Olu Jacobs are gone, omo these new guys can’t act to save their lives o!” @Patrick wrote.

@Nnanyelugo wrote: “Bring back Chico and Zeb Ejiro.”

“I’m sorry but old Nollywood with the poor production>>>>> this new stuff,” @Fourens wrote.

“This new stuff sef is just. everything from produces, actors, story writer’s, directors is just shit… Old nollywood is gold,” @Cruz wrote.

“The only nollywood movies I’ll watch on Netflix must be from Kunle Afolayan,” @Chelsea wrote.

“Our godfathers Pete Edochie, Justice Esiri and Olu Jacobs carried old Nollywood on their back, who go carry this new people? We need better scripts abeg,” @Ayo wrote.

“This is actually a good thing. Nigerians are starting to demand more in terms of quality scripts for Nollywood,” Omolara wrote.

“Old Nollywood hands down, you can’t even begin to compare, the likes of Genevieve, Nkem Owoh, Sandra Achums, Pete Edochie, we can never get that feeling back,” @Ude wrote.

“In Hollywood, it is common to see screenwriters get paid 6-7 figure USD sums per movie. That’s why Hollywood storylines are good – they pay for quality. Nollywood INSISTS on treating writing as a cheap afterthought, so here we are. “Shebi it’s just to write, what’s there? Abi,” @David Hundeyin wrote.

“Mercy Johnson and Van Vicker carried Nollywood on their backs for almost 9 years. This is not being talked about about enough,” @Darlington wrote.

“I think old Nollywood was better, this Instagram actors I no understand them at all. Beautiful nonsense,” @Bayo wrote.

“Can we start demanded quality content from these filmmmakers? It’s annoying how you spend time creating trash and expecting us to watch. Haba,” @Mirian wrote.