Oladips denies faking death to promote album

Rapper Oladips has denied claims that he faked his death to promote his latest album.

On November 15, Oladips’ management announced that he had died after a two-year personal struggle.

The news of his death came as a shock to fans and colleagues in the industry who mourned the rapper.

Barely two days after the announcement, his management released the rapper’s 17-track album titled Superhero Adugbo.

However, fellow rapper and longtime friend of Oladips, Qdot shared a video of the rapper, claiming “he is alive”.

He further said Oladips would return online if his album reached the top of the music charts.

The post sparked allegations that the rapper faked his death to gain music clout.

On Thursday, Oladips took to his Instagram to address the now-viral videos and claims.

He called out Qdot whose real name is Qudus Fakoya and accused him of “misleading everyone” about his health struggle during the death controversy.

The 28-year-old also called out a social media user for sharing an outdated video as proof of his current status and criticised bloggers for allegedly misleading the public.

In the lengthy post, Oladips claimed that the clips being shared online portray him as being alive and well during the death controversy are old videos he had made about two years ago.

He said he never made a video of himself to admit the death controversy was a prank.

He wrote, “I know there is cruise, there is clout, and then there is truth…!!!

“Qdot the reason why you posted ‘My gee is alive’ at a time my family was unsure of my situation is so appalling & uncalled for.

“I dey where I dey struggle with my life you dey post ‘my gee is alive’. Unnecessarily misleading everyone. Made it look like me and you just had a conversation.

“Cos why una dey always do like this for this industry tori Olorun?

I almost lost my life yet people laughed, cursed at me – Oladips

“And to the stupid boy that posted that I was eating turkey & rice say I dey ‘set ring light’, even posted a video of us hugging each other, making it look like I pranked Nigerians or pulled a stunt, for the record. That video he posted is ‘2 years old’. I get proof… the video was made at my house in Orchid, crazy thing yeah? I don’t even live in that house anymore. tey tey sef.”

In another post, the rapper wrote: “There was never a video or post of me telling Nigerians ‘heyyy everyone it’s a prank!!!’ it was all speculation based on hearsay and clout chasing, bloggers misleading gullible Nigerians for likes & comments, and the smart ones know how to put 1&2 together so I am not bothered… I was not with my phones or online all that period. Sheybi nah person wey even dey healthy dey remember social media!

“ANYWAYS, just in case I’m not as accessible or as kind as I used to be. nah people like this boy cause am cos nah help I help the boy, that short clip he posted almost ruined me and I don’t think he understands the gravity of what he’s done yet! but he will.”