Oladips apologises to Ruger over sexual assault comment

Rapper Oladips have apologised to his colleague Ruger for saying the latter’s lyrics misled a fan into sexually assaulting him.

In his apology posted on Instagram on Monday, the rapper claimed he did not know the issue was a sexual harassment case.

He wrote: “I honestly didn’t think it was from a place of ‘sexual harassment’ you know I thought it was just a celebrity and wild fan typa situation. I be artiste too and I have had crazy encounters with some female fans. As a Ruger fan, I have this image of him being a real Bad Boy gangster in my head due to some of his lyrics.

“So this situation I would have expected 9r imagine him to shake it off, maybe that’s where I was wrong or may be understand my job differently. Wasn’t trying to justify whatever she did to him. I didn’t even know this was serious until now. Woke up and I dey see bashing. Ah!

“Everybody no vex Emabino mio nope oro yen. Serious Toyen.”