Oge Okoye visits South African resurrection pastor

Oge Okoye

Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye, has visited South Africa-based Alleluia Ministries International, church of a pastor, Alph Lukau, who faked resurrection of a man in February 2019.

The actress, who is blessed with an admirable height and enchanting face, appeared in a viral video in tears as the pastor spoke with her.

Pastor Alph Lukau had stirred up controversy in February when a video of him placing his hands on a supposed dead man in a coffin went viral on social media. After the pastor screams “rise up”, the supposed dead man rises to cheers from worshippers.

Oge visited the church in October 2018 to pray for her aunt who is battling with cancer and is bedridden.

In the video, the pastor tells her that there are people she needs to pick out so that people would know she came to see him. Immediately, the crowd burst into cheers.

Then he calls out Oge’s daughter and asks: “Is this your daughter?” Oge replies: “Yes, she’s my daughter.” He says: “She’s special”, and Oge replies: “I know so.”

Then he asks her how many children she has, she says: “Just two, a boy and a girl.”

Then he mentions their names to Oge’s amazement.