Obiano threatens to arrest ‘Jesus’ for misconduct

Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano has threatened to arrest a prophet known as Jesus of Nkpo based in Idemili Local Government Area.

Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment C-Don Adinuba disclosed this in a statement on Monday.

He accused the prophet of “criminal and indecent conduct in the name of religion.”

Mr Adinuba said the prophet’s conduct had portrayed Anambra State in bad light to right-thinking people.

“The Anambra State Government is in possession of some videos produced by one person, who goes by the name of Onyeze Jesus, based in Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area of the state,” the statement read.

“He not only claims to change the economic status of his adherents by magical means, but also throws a lot of Nigeria’s currency notes into the river and compels his adult followers, both male and female to bath naked in the river and records them on video which he distributes gleefully to all manner of people through the Internet and other means.

“The state government is appalled by the conduct of this man. Anambra people are famous throughout the world for their industry, knowledge, ingenuity, perseverance, a high savings rate and an infectious business drive, all combined to enable them to achieve tremendous success in various fields. Their success is not overnight nor through magic.

“Onyeze Jesus promotes superstition and strife in society. By telling his gullible and brainwashed followers that their misfortune is caused by family members, relatives, friends and business associates through magical powers, he is fomenting serious troubles and instigating eternal enmity in various places and businesses. Some of these troubles can lead to physical fights, bodily injuries and even deaths.

“By throwing naira notes into the river regularly as part of sacrifice to the river goddess and filming it and distributing the film to the whole world, he has brought Anambra State into global ridicule and, worse, gregariously committed a criminal offence.

“Burning or destroying the naira through any means is an offence criminalised by the Central Bank of Nigeria Act of 2007, and the offender is liable to imprisonment.”