Obaseki fires back at Ganduje, says we don’t stuff dollars in our pockets

Godwin Obaseki

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki has thrown a jibe at his Kano State counterpart Abdullahi Ganduje who accused him of failing woefully.

Ganduje who is chairman of the All Progressives Congress’ national campaign council had said on Friday at the Presidential Villa in Abuja that Obaseki’s alleged failure will make it easy for the APC to win the September 19 governorship poll.

However, in response to the comment, Obaseki’s spokesman Crusoe Osagie said Ganduje is in no position to assess his performance because of the “baggage of the viral video of him stuffing dollars collected from contractors”.

Mr Osagie was referring to 2018 videos which showed Ganduje receiving kickbacks from contractors, although the Kano governor said the videos were edited.

“The comment by Governor Ganduje on the performance of Governor Obaseki in office is at best laughable. It is also disgraceful because the APC has apparently misconstrued the meaning of performance because it is verifiable that Governor Obaseki’s unprecedented performance across different sectors of the state is what has endeared him to Edo people. No amount of lame talk from the APC and their campaign handlers can erase these projects which litter the nooks and crannies of Edo State,” the statement read.

“Ganduje is in no position to assess Governor Obaseki or any other governor for that matter because he has a baggage hanging on his neck, which he needs to clear. It is important to put some of the government’s projects in perspective so that the public can judge.

“The Obaseki-led government through different memoranda of understanding (MoU) have completed or is at the verge of completing the following projects: the 6000bpd Edo Modular Refinery in Ologbo, Benin City; 55MW Ossiomo Independent Power Plant, in Ologbo, Benin City; the 1451-unit Emotan Garden Estate; strengthened broadband infrastructure with 400km fibre optic cables laid by Main One, among others.”