Nudist Maheeda deletes tonnes of Instagram pictures


Former gospel singer-turned-nudist Caroline Samuel popularly known as Maheeda has deleted tonnes of her Instagram pictures.

It is not certain when the pictures were deleted but the 38-year-old had several photos in her Instagram account as of last week.

The deleted photos show the singer posing seductively and exposing her body parts.

Maheeda now has five posts and 16.9k followers when visited her page on Tuesday Morning. She has also urged her fans to subscribe to her private snap.

Her account is now private although it was not so last week.

In June 2020, Maheeda made headlines after she claimed she is now ‘born again’.

“Yes. I have given my life to Jesus once and for all and I advise you do the same,” she announced on Instagram.

This is not the first time the singer had claimed to be ‘born again’.

According to her, she began her musical career as a hip-hop singer but became a gospel singer after becoming ‘born again’.

She is widely known for sharing raunchy photos on Instagram and making controversial remarks on issues and has been censored from social media platforms on several occasions.

The Edo singer has also been criticised for wearing a nun-inspired outfit that revealed her cleavage.

In 2014, she released her debut gospel track, ‘Concrete Love’, which she claimed was inspired by the love of God towards her.