ntel NOVA 4G/LTE phone berths in Abuja

ntel NOVA 4G/LTE phone

Telecoms company, ntel, which is presently prosecuting a road show across its areas of operation as part of plans to promote its bespoke 4G/LTE phone, touched down in Abuja on Tuesday.

Speaking at a well-attended event, Director, Consumer Marketing & Sales, Inusa Bello, told the gathering of business partners, regulators and staff that “ntel NOVA is a revolution. It has brought to an end all the complaints from customers about availability and high cost of 4G/LTE phones. With Nova we have changed the game and now everyone who needs to make clear HD VoLTE calls can do so with a low priced and beautifully designed handset.”

The ntel NOVA phone which was launched in Lagos on Thursday July 6 has been defined by the company as “an exciting ergonomically designed, low priced, dual-SIM device defined by characteristics of both a feature phone and a smart phone.”