Nothing wrong with cooking for your husband hours after dad’s death – Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo

Actress Uche Ogbodo has said that there is nothing wrong with a man asking his wife to cook for him hours after she received news about her father’s death.

Uche said this in an Instagram post on Saturday while weighing in her thoughts after an X user claimed his dad requested food from his wife, despite knowing his father-in-law had passed away.

The X user identified as Uche wrote: “The day my Grandpa died, my mum was disheartened about the loss of her father, my dad came back from work, asked her if she heard the news early and asked her to go fry plantain for him.”

When asked if his mother eventually fried the plantain, Uche said he (Uche) fried it.

Responding to the tweet, Uche Ogbodo opined that the man did not wrong by asking his wife to cook for him.

“And so? What is wrong with frying plantain for your husband? Do you want him to join your father too?”

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The actress’ statement generated backlash from Instagram users who accused her of being insensitive.

Defending her statement, Uche Ogbodo added: “Hours after! Could have been 24 hours sef! Your lots are lazy and don’t love your men. If you love your man, you will find food and give him before he asks. Men have really suffered in this world.”