Nkechi Blessing shares sex toys as souvenir at mum’s one year memorial party

Actress Nkechi Blessing gave out sex toys as souvenir at the one year memorial party of her mother.

The actress threw a party in Lagos on Sunday to celebrate the first death anniversary of the woman.

One of the highlights of the event was the 33-year-old distributing dildos to guests as souvenirs.

“I am not trying to say men are scum because I have a man but you sometimes need to help yourself for when you don’t have a man, this is my souvenir for the single ladies here, to help yourself,” Nkechi said while giving out the sex toys.

In an Instagram post on June, 2022, Nkechi addressed those criticising her for advertising sex toys.

In a video posted on the platform, the controversial actress said sex toys are recommined for couples and it spices up their sex lives.

“I see some of you criticising me each time I come here to talk about adult toys. What is it that you don’t get? Do you know that this adult toy is recommended even for couples? That is what all these things are meant for, to spice up your life,” Nkechi said.

Nkechi’s mother died in September after a brief illness.