Nigeria’s Tolulope Longe nominated for 2020 Power Play Awards

Tolulope Longe

A Nigerian woman Tolulope Longe has been nominated for the Vanguard – Outstanding Leadership category of Power Play Awards.

“The Vanguard Award honours a woman or man who through their words, actions and positive energy, inspires those who work with and around them.

“This individual has a collaborative leadership style that builds bridges and finds solutions. They carry a sense of purpose in all that they do, whilst maintaining a commitment to ethical work practices with the aim of being a responsible global citizen,” a statement on the award’s website read.

Longe is the only African among four nominated for the award. The other nominees are Beibei Xue, Noora Ali Al-Kharji and Patricia Gallego.

Longe is a process skill pool manager at NLNG.

She is the first ever female team lead and manager in the production division and in a technical role.

“Apart from being one of the few women succeeding in the technical aspects of the LNG business, She also leads in innovative developments such as the implant optimization project to increase the production capacity of the facility eventually leading to an increase in the daily nameplate capacity of the plant form 64,500 to 66,000 tonnes per day (tpd) daily production capacity.

“Tolu was also very influential in the development of a debottlenecking project to increase the annual production capacity of the site currently 22mtpa (million tonnes per annum) by about 3 mtpa at a cost of less than US$1b, this project has now been subsumed into the Train 7 project which will now yield about 8 mtpa and recently took FID (final investment decision),” her profile reads on the award’s website.