Nigerian youngster wins 19 international scholarship offers worth over $5m

Nigerian teenager Victory Yinka-Banjo has bagged 19 international scholarship offers from top schools including notable institutions in the US and Canada.

The 17-year-old secondary school graduate has been offered a scholarship worth over $5 million dollars for her university education.

In her interview with CNN, Yinka-Banjo revealed her feeling as “pretty unbelievable”, adding that though she made her applications to many schools, she didn’t think that any of the schools will offer her scholarships.

Making a comment on the selection process of the schools, Yinka-Banjo said that the schools “only accept the best of the best.

“So, you can imagine how, on a daily basis, I have to remind myself that I actually got into these schools. It is surreal!,” she added.

Yinka-Banjo received full scholarships from Ivy League schools, Yale College, Princeton University, Harvard College, and Brown University.

Other scholarship offers from the US include notable schools like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia.

Even in Canada, the University of Toronto offered her a Lester B. Pearson scholarship while the University of British Columbia offered her a Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow scholarship.

Miss Yinka-Banjo had shown academic prowess when as a senior prefect in her secondary school, she cleared her 2020 WASSCE with straight As, helping her gain national recognition.

She also got straight As in her Cambridge IGCSE exam.

She further revealed in her recent interview that hard work was the backbone of her achievements.

“They have made me truly feel proud about the hard work I have put into several areas of my life over the years. I am slowly beginning to realize that I deserve them,” she said.

The teenager states that her choice course is Computational Biology.

She further admitted that she’s still measuring her options, as a result of the mouth-watering scholarships offered by the schools.

“I am still doing research on some schools that are at the top of my list, like Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and just trying to compare and contrast all of them thoroughly.”