Nigerian woman, Maria Adesanya, faces deportation from UK over bribe to get daughter’s passport

Source: Daily Mail

A Nigerian woman, Maria Adesanya, risks deportation from the United Kingdom after authorities found out she paid a male nurse to pose as her baby daughter’s father so her child could get a British passport.

Adesanya, 31, paid £3,000 to UK citizen Adekunle Adeparusi, to have his name as father on the child’s birth certificate, Daily Mail reports.


The 44-year-old nurse also collected £13,000 which he claimed in child tax credits despite having nothing to do with the child.

Adesanya entered the UK in October 2013 on an eight-month visitor’s visa.

She perfected the plan with Adeparusi in January 2014. They were, however, caught in February 2015 when Adesanya applied for a Derivative Authority Card.

Adesanya was said to have found work using the ID cards of two EU nationals, a Portuguese and a Dutch citizen.

The child, now aged five, is thought to still be living in the UK.

Judge John Edwards of Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester sentenced Adesanya to 14 months in jail after finding her guilty of false representation and possessing false ID documents.


She was immediately released on licence as she had been under curfew since October.

The judge sentenced Adeparusi to 33 months after he pleaded guilty to making a false statement with intent.

Adeparusi arrived in the UK in March 2007 and settled with his family in Kent.