Nigerian doctor arrested in UK after patient dies of bone marrow complications

Nigerian doctor arrested in UK

A Nigerian doctor, Isyaka Mamman, in his 80s has been arrested in the United Kingdom (UK) on suspicion of manslaughter and prescription fraud after his 48-year-old patient died during routine bone marrow procedure.

Mamman had been interrogated in March after his patient, Shahida Varven, collapsed while giving a sample of her bone marrow, Dailymail reports.

The Nigerian doctor was later arrested on March 15 after Mrs Varven died shortly after the procedure began despite attempts to revive her.

Police are now investigating whether a hypodermic needle the haematologist used pierced soft tissue around Varven’s heart instead of the breastbone.

Mamman had asked the court to alter his bail conditions so he could visit Nigeria for his granddaughter’s wedding, but the court refused.

The doctor has denied committing any offence and is yet to be charged pending further inquiries. 

According to the court, investigators who searched the doctor’s home in Royton, near Oldham, Greater Manchester found that he might have falsified his age in various documents bearing disparate dates of birth.

But the haematologist said differences in dates of birth resulted from human error on the part of passport authorities in Nigeria and the UK. He denied altering his age to improve his chances of getting a job in the UK.