Nigerian couple welcomes baby girl after 15 years of marriage

Nigerian couple Muyiwa-Afolabi welcomes baby girl after 15 years

A Nigerian couple Emmanuel and Josephine Muyiwa-Afolabi has welcomed a baby girl after 15 years of marriage.

Emmanuel and Josephine tied the knot on October 20, 2007. Little did they know a child would not come into the marriage until the next 15 years.

Explaining in a Facebook post on Thursday night what it felt like, Mrs Muyiwa-Afolabi said, “When we said ‘I do’ on October 20, 2007, little did we know the kind of journey we were about to embark on. We had envisaged welcoming our bundle of joy within the first year.

“But like a silly joke, days started running into weeks, weeks into months and months into unbelievable years.”

Muyiwa-Afolabi recalled the mockery she suffered in her childless state from people they assumed meant well.

“Same people who pretended to be praying for us while in reality, were rejoicing in secret about our situation, using our pain as news items, mocking us for always being on medications,” she said.

Muyiwa-Afolabi, who works with the World Health Organisation according to her Facebook bio, noted further that in May 2021 she gave up plans of having children.

On welcoming her baby girl one year later, she said, “Hey God!!! Muyiwa and I are finally dad and mom to our precious Princess – oh how sweet the feeling!

“And to my in-laws: there was no single day of complaints or insults; it’s been massive support all through these 15 years. The Afolabis are a special breed abeg and we are super-grateful.”

Her friend Chi Nwanyi Doz Emezi also took to Facebook to celebrate the birth of the child.

“I cried the day she broke the news of her pregnancy to me,” she wrote.