Nigeria rated seventh least healthy country in the world

Child suffering malaria

Nigeria has been rated the seventh least healthy country in the world in a global league table released on Wednesday.

Over 149 countries were assessed on the bases of their healthcare systems, level of disease, obesity rates and other measures.

The annual prosperity index breaks down the best and worst places to live around the world for nine categories, one of which is health.

Singapore topped the charts followed by Luxembourg, while the bottom 10 consisted solely of African nations.

The Central African Republic tops the group of least healthy countries followed by Chad, Guinea, Madagascar, Benin and DR Congo. After Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Niger and Uganda complete the bottom three.

Nigeria rated seventh least healthy country

The UK, US and Australia did not feature in the top 10, according to the research by the Legatum Institute.

Australia was the best performing of the major western countries, ranking 12th, according to the research by the London-based education charity.

It was then followed by New Zealand (17th) Canada (21st), the UK (26th) and the US (35th).

Japan featured in the top 10 healthiest countries, as did Qatar, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Norway all also featured in the top ten.

The quality of life of people globally is rising but the gaps between the best and worst is wider than ever, experts warn, showing huge inequalities in health, finance, politics, education and safety and security.