Nigeria over-pampers Super Eagles – Amos Adamu

Amos AdamuFormer Director General of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Dr Amos Adamu, Tuesday called on the nation’s football administrators to desist from pampering members of the Super Eagles.

Adamu said in an interview in Lagos that the national team’s 1-0 defeat by Sudan was a direct consequence of over-pampering of the players.

Adamu, who was also a former executive committee member of FIFA and CAF, said that major task before the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) remains the reposition of the Super Eagles.

He said that most Nigerians were not disappointed by the outcome of the recent Nigerian vs. Sudan African Cup of Nations qualifying match. We saw it coming.

“No I’m not disappointed really. No, the thing is that we over-pamper our players, we don’t demand, you see the players they have a responsibility that they must do.

“And if they don’t perform that responsibility you have to be hard on them; so the coach has done his job the government has his job, everybody is doing their job.

“So they that must go and they must win their matches, they know they most do that; but when we over-pamper them it means everybody is super star.

“It’s problem, especially the FA. The FA should not pamper players, but the way they handle players these days.

“I just look from the side, there should be somebody in the FA that will tell them you are stupid we are doing our job you must do your job.

“But nobody is talking to them in a harsh way everybody is saying well done, they have seen the well done now.

“Our football is not even in the category of Sudan at all, is that the best we have?

“They are not the best you have they are the most famous that we have, we are using the most famous,” he said.