New year, new fitness

Wilson Orhiunu

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Here is my new approach to fitness for 2018

  1. Just do it- like the Nike slogan says. No teacher, Doctor, trainer or App. Follow your animal instincts and make it happen or
  2. The three meal a day plan coupled with 10,000 steps daily.

Just do it!

To a large extent, people are able to instinctively get themselves fitter if the body is listened to. We talk a lot of about fitness but words don’t burn calories. The animal kingdom is full of members who stay fit, watch no fitness videos and have no gym membership. The ants are never obese and majority of the cheetahs on the planet are slender and fast. If you just act like a cheetah or an ant, you would become as fit as they are.

The cheetahs wake up and live a life that keeps them slender and fit. They are too busy living that life to have time for calorie counting yet no one can doubt their success in the realms of physical fitness.

Lessons from the cheetahs-

Walk everywhere – just do it!

It is not convenient? Well, fitness and change are never convenient. A bicycle could be substituted for walking but the point is to keep moving all day.

Eat out and always run to the restaurant.

Decide on the meal and go out and get it at breakneck speed, then walk back home to eat it. Always buy takeaway and organic meals.

Own no fridge.

Snacks are not on the menu. No carbs, no booze, and no cigarettes or drugs. Water is the only drink to be had.

Stored food is convenient but no one gets a six pack living a ‘convenient life’.

Spend time with like-minded speed merchants.

Strolling all day with the elephants is not on the agenda.

Get enough sleep.

Rest is good. With no Instagram account to eat into his rest time, the cheetah sleeps when he needs to and is awake when he needs to be up. The biological clock is the main priority and not the TV scheduling managers.

The ants are a resilient bunch. They too just keep on moving like a Soul 2 Soul jam.

Animals don’t watch films yet they are the subject of numerous films. Cowboy films are all about the racing horses.

The dolphins swim and fly into the air irrespective of who is watching. Movement is a divine human right and must be exercised whenever possible. There does not need to be a logical explanation for movement. Just play a favourite song and get moving.

There is an internal ‘ticker’ that makes men keep moving but it has been suppressed through conditioning.

Recreation and ‘resting’ is overrated among human beings. Rather than a relaxing all day in front of the telly, go into beast mode and have a relaxing 12 mile walk.

In summary, if your hope is to be a lean mean fighting machine, do what the beasts do.

The three meals a day plan

This is a plan I have devised for those whose eating has reached the level of a runaway train. This plan is to be followed by walking 10,000 steps a day.

In this plan, you eat what you want and drink what you want during your three main meals. However, there are no snacks between meals save water, carrots and lettuce.

Any meal or snack ideas are saved till the next major meal.

Most people use smart phones so keeping up with the daily steps is not a problem.

Once order has been restored in the amount of meals eaten a day, the next step would be to attack the quality of foods.

Less carbs and more vegetables is a general guide that will yield dividend.

NB – for those who doubt the above two methods as being good enough for them, they are free to register for a marathon and start gaining their ‘street credibility’ or else they can forever hold their peace.