NBC is coming for my business – Mary Njoku

Mary Njoku

Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku, has reacted to the 6th code released by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) which makes it illegal for movie streaming providers to claim exclusive rights over their content.

The 35-year-old whose husband, Jason Njoku, is the founder of movie streaming platform, Iroko TV, shared her reaction on Instagram on Wednesday.

She shared a screenshot of an article which appeared in the Vanguard Newspapers about major content creators who are planning to pull out of the Nigerian market over the new rule.

“NBC is coming for my business!…If @dstv @irokotv @netflix and other investors stop funding Nollywood, the industry is dead!!! Nollywood is my life! Our life!…,” she wrote.

The 6th NBC code was released in June 2019.

Accordint to the commission, it was strengthened to enhance professionalism and development in Nigeria’s broadcast industry.