Naval officer appears in viral video stark drunk

Naval officer drunk in viral video

A Nigerian naval officer, identified as Mohammed M.I, has appeared in a viral video misbehaving in public.

The video of the officer, which has gone viral on social media, shows him sitting on the floor with his back on a set of plastic chairs as a lady talks angrily at him.

Although the time and location of the incident has not been confirmed, spokesperson of the Nigerian Navy, Suleman Jahun, said on Tuesday that the navy was investigating the incident.

In the video, the woman, who claims to be the shop owner where the drunk officer was stuck, shouts angrily at the officer who gazes helplessly at the camera muttering inaudible words.

“Mohammed, what’s your problem? I am the owner of the store, why are you sleeping in my store? You piss (urinate) in my store,” she said.

“And you are in uniform. A Navy officer like you! You drink, you mess yourself up, you piss inside my store, and you are sleeping on the floor. You are supposed to be on duty.”

She continued: “I will tell the Federal Government to pull your uniform today. You are sacked. The Federal Government will fire you.”

On hearing this, the officer crashed on the floor, revealing stains on the back of his uniform.

“You are a disgrace to (the) Federal Government. You are a disgrace to your family,” she added.

As if addressing prospective viewers, the lady says: “You see, this is a naval officer. These are the people Nigeria is giving work to, and there are other people that needed the work, but they did not see the work.

“This is a disgrace to the Federal Government. Shame to Nigeria! Shame to you Mohammed M.I, a navy officer, Warri Command.”