Natures Gentle Touch unveils new product for natural hair

Natures Gentle Touch Monoi Oil Range Solution Media Launch

Natures Gentle Touch on Wednesday launched Monoi Oil, a new range of hair products for natural hair problems.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, Technical Manager of Recare Cosmetics Limited, owners of Natures Gentle, Daniel Komlan, highlighted the benefits of the new products.

“Hair is more important than we realise because it boosts self-confidence and self-esteem of an individual,” Mr. Daniel said.

Group Managing Director, Recare Cosmetics, Chika Ikenga, said in an opening address that “African women living in Africa require specific hair care products because of their unique hair condition affected by African weather, diet and hair texture. Natures Gentle Touch uses natural ingredients and knowledge sharing to meet these special beauty needs of African women.

“The Monoi Oil Product Range for natural hair solution was made to shows the commitment Natures Gentle Touch has to improve the beauty and personal care of the African Woman.”

Monoi Oil has five products – Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioning Therapy, Restore Serum, Spray Lotion and Lock and Twist Gel – with each providing natural solutions to hair problems.

“Natures Gentle Touch is on a mission of solving the beauty problems of Africans using natural ingredients,” Mr. Ikenga concluded.