N30,000 led to 17-year-old feud with Basketmouth – AY Makun

AY Comedian AY Makun

Comedian AY Makun has bared the genesis of his long-running feud with colleague Basketmouth.

The duo has been having a misunderstanding for 17 years which is always a topical issue among their fans.

AY, 51, told Chude Jideonwo in an interview published over the weekend that the crisis between them started in 2006 over a sum of N30,000.

AY said that back in the day Basketmouth, who was more popular at the time, used to give him gigs to anchor on his behalf.

After one of the shows, he said he was not paid and had to reach out to Basketmouth, 44, who told him also that the organisers had not paid.

AY said he contacted the organisers and was shocked to find that payment had been made even before the event.

“Usually, what we get at that time is ₦30,000. ₦30,000 at that time was everything to me,” the comedian-turned-filmmaker said.

“N30,000 would buy me my pack of [noodles], recharge cards, fuel for my generator. [It allowed me] to pay just one or two people to join me to do one or two skits that I can just quickly put out.

“I got this job and the people weren’t too happy to see me because they were expecting a Basketmouth to come. Long story short, the guy was later happy after the performance. There was an exchange of contact. Then I left.

“Two weeks running, I hadn’t seen ₦30,000. Because I didn’t see the ₦30,000, I was starving in Iponri. I decided to ask for ₦30,000 and he said this person hasn’t remitted. He said they were not happy.”

AY said it was when he shared a picture of his chats with both parties that a fight broke out, adding that the issue led to the feud.

He said, “It was very funny to hear from them that this full payment has been made long before the event.”