My twins give me joy – Emma Nyra

Emma Nyra

Singer, Emma Obi, popularly known as Emma Nyra, has stated that her one-year-old twins, Alexander and Alexandra, make her very happy.

The 31-year-old one-year-old said this on Monday when she shared a picture of the babies on Twitter.

“My twins are giving me so much joy in my life,” she captioned the post.

In an interview with the Punch Newspapers published on May 23, the United States of America-born singer explained why she had had to take a step back from work after having her babies.

“Being a mother affects my career 100 percent because all my choices are based on the wellbeing of my twins, Alexander and Alexandría. They always come first and my career is second to their needs. At times, it could be quite difficult to balance but I always make it work. Thanks to my strong family support,” she said.