My heart is totally broken, Toke Makinwa mourns ‘sister’

Toke Makinwa

Media personality Toke Makinwa has expressed her grief over the death of her ‘sister’.

The TV star on Monday shared an Instagram photo of a woman who she called her sister, saying that words have failed her.

“It’s so difficult to process, words have failed me, the pain is so loud,” she wrote.

In another post, Toke said that having to work in spite of her loss is the hardest thing to do because she is heartbroken.

“Having to work as my heart is totally broken is the worst feeling in the world. Life is short, let go of the grudge, love each other, celebrate each other.

“This breaks me so much cos my sister deserved to live. Wicked people are thriving yet the good ones leave us?” she wrote.