Muyiwa Ademola gets surprise 50th birthday party

Muyiwa Ademola

Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola has gotten a surprise 50th birthday party from friends.

The Abeokuta born actor shared pictures from the party on Instagram on Monday.

Captioning all his posts, he said he was called for dinner only to be surprised by friends.

“I was just told to come for a dinner and I hot there to meet some of my beloved friends. The birthday surprises started around 7am at @bestwestern and ended around 12am with the final surprise at @stonecafe. To every single soul that came out to honor me at that hour may God and man continue to honor you.

“My gratitude to the Almighty and my great people @deleodule_ @okunnu_1 @ibrahimchatta_lordthespis,” he wrote.

Muyiwa turned 50 on January 26.

He called for prayers from fans and friends as he celebrated the day.

“All I request from you this year is just to help me thank God for sparing my life. May He give me more grace to dish out more unique films for your enjoyment. Thanks for the love you have shown me over the years and especially during my ‘quiet moments’. I appreciate you all,” he wrote.

The filmmaker and brand influencer has been receiving gifts and goodwill messages from well-wishers and fans.

He uploaded a picture of some of the gifts on Instagram, saying “I really do appreciate this.”

Muyiwa was hospitalised in December 2020, throwing his fans into panic.

One of his aides, however, told Punch that the illness was stress induced.

“He is just a little bit ill; it is nothing serious. He is just stressed. The illness is stress-related because all he does is to work,” the aide said.