QED review: My Woman, My Everything – Patoranking feat. Wande Coal

By Bisola Bello

Patoranking Wande CoalPatoranking’s ‘My Woman, My Everything’, a collaboration with Wande Coal, has been a chart topper since its release on June 12, 2015. The song was produced by Ghanaian DJ Breezy and the video shot in South Africa by Moe Musa

First up are the lyrics to the song. Naturally, we expect nothing less than reggae dancehall from the ‘Alubarika’ crooner. Patoranking always makes his reggae sounds sexy, so thumbs up to him.

Unarguably, Nigerian artistes are fond of repetition. We are going on a limp here to say they feel there is no need to invest much in lyrics since they assume all the listeners want to do is dance.

Patoranking is no different but at least we hear more lyrics from him than most songs where only one thing is said all through. There is consistency and we hear his message clearly. The main essence of music in the first place is to pass a message with beats and tones. It does not matter what type of genre you are singing, there should be a reason behind the song.

And Patoranking delivers both in beats and words.

His verses indicate how he much he appreciates woman

Woman you proper

Woman you straight

Man ya bold and ya generate treat

Waiting for you was never too late

Remember that you are the food ina the plate…

Nice to know right! Here’s the bombshell…

I am coming in the game

I dey piss on concrete

How does that add up? After telling a lady she is the food in your plate you tell her you piss in the concrete. Of course, food and pee don’t mix. Everyone knows that.

After that the song is on a roll. It takes hard work after all to compose good music. Honestly who wouldn’t want to hear this from her man?

I will never lose faith

For making you me soul mate

Get this one straight

Say I’m you mate

No matter how dem girl

Dem can take you any date

Or even something like:

Say your love give me joy

I’m so proud to be her baby boy

She such an amazing choice

Me promise you girl

If you gonna enjoy

You got the key to me heart no one can steal

You turn big girl in and none a dem cannot deal

Give you anything anything anything

Pon me wake first thing early morning medicine

You owe me everything everything everything

Only woman to me

You mean everything

Patoranking did a good job and even a better job by putting Wande Coal on the track. The latter’s verse is simple and interesting; no doubt he murdered the chorus.

Generally, the song is a very interesting one. That explains why it gets girls singing and clubs rocking.

The second and most interesting part is the video (see below). It is simplicity at his best.  The dancers are incredibly awesome. You may even say they are the best part of the video. They practised Beyoncé’s 7/11 and did extra. They dance without men around, which remove the cliche of Nigerian artistes singing with girls all over them.

Nice to see Patoranking in love and being appreciative of a real woman.

The video ends with the message: “Couples that pray together, stay together”.

‘My Woman, My Everything is a regular on TV  stations. Anyone who hasn’t watched this video in Nigeria is probably not on planet earth.