Mr Macaroni apologises for making skit about nurses after call out

Mr Macaroni

Comedian turned actor Mr Macaroni has apologised for making a skit about nurses which has been described as “uncultured.”

The actor who plays Daddy Wa in his skits was reacting to a call out by a Twitter user identified as Osagie who accused the comedian of ridiculing and portraying nurses as sex objects in his latest skit.

Reacting to the comment in a Twitter post on Sunday, Mr Macaroni apologised to all Nurses, adding that the skit was not meant to degrade the nursing profession.

The Ayinla star also pointed out that he was not going to stop making skits about women because of the criticism.

He wrote: “To Whom it May Concern: Mr Macaroni won’t stop using women in his contents.Thank you for your understanding. You are doing well.”

“Also, Mr Macaroni will not stop portraying real life situations in his contents. All of Mr Macaroni’s contents are also open to constructive criticisms.. We won’t always agree on everything. But we can always do better. Gracias,” he added.