Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, son secretly married, planning to relocate to UK as couple – Wife

Mr Ibu wife Stella Maris Okafor

Stella Maris, the wife of ailing actor John Okafor, also known Mr Ibu, has alleged that her husband’s second son, Daniel, and the actor’s adopted daughter, Jazmine, are secretly married.

The woman made the allegations while responding to self-acclaimed activist Verydarkman’s allegations that she accused Jazmine of highjacking money meant for Ibu’s surgery because she wanted to buy a brand-new iPhone, a car and undergo butt enlargement.

Speaking in a recent statement via Instagram, Stella Maris claimed that her stepson and Jazmine plan to relocate to the United Kingdom as a couple.

She said Jasmine is blackmailing her with “private conversations we had long ago before all this, a causal woman talk we both had, because I thought she was a girl my husband as a daughter and family friend, then she recorded and edited it, presented it to you as if it is happening now, you believed and you’re promoting it?”

Stella Maris added: “Come to think of it, Very Darkman, at the end of all this, the people giving you all the past conversations or informations will all go away, because Jasmine and my second stepson got married secretly and are both traveling to the UK (as a Couple) in December.

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“I’ll be the person to live with my husband and our children. As I’m talking to you I’m the only one living in Mr Ibu’s house, only me and my children the rest lives elsewhere because of the condition of the house they all left it but I’m still there regardless, and they’re coming with all this propaganda only because I asked for an account statement to be shown to me so I can as well be informed on how affairs have been running, is it bad?”