Moses Bliss should have directed Ekene Umenwa to husband instead of holding her – Frank Edoho

Media personality Frank Edoho has weighed in on the controversy around actress Ekene Umenwa and her reaction to Moses Bliss’ surprise performance at her wedding.

The actress was heavily criticised after a viral video captured her leaving her filmmaker husband Ifeany Ogbodo Alex and kneeling before the gospel singer who made a surprise appearance at the event.

Sharing his thoughts on the matter, Frank Edoho in a post via X on Sunday said he does not blame Moses for Ekene’s reaction but he should not have let her “latched on to him like that”.

He wrote: “I can’t blame the singer for her reaction but he shouldn’t have held her when she latched on him like that. Direct the bride to her husband and calm her euphoria. That’s the etiquette.”

Also addressing the controversy, the MC of the event Deacon Famous argued that Ekene was not kneeling for Moses “but for the anointing he came with”.

Actress Ekene Umenwa, husband knock critics of kneeling before Moses Bliss at wedding reception

“I was the one who invited Moses Bliss to the wedding to surprise because it was what she wanted. She wanted a worship session for her wedding,” he said.

“She was not kneeling down for Moses, she was kneeling down for the anointing that Moses came with.

“She was kneeling down for the song he got from the spirit. She was kneeling down to pray, to honor God, to honor the grace.”

Ekene and her husband have also shut down critics of her actions.