Monk blames religion for neglect of traditional medicine in Funmi Iyanda’s Public Eye

Funmi Iyanda

Benedictine monk Fr. Anselm Adodo has blamed religion especially Christianity for the bad light given to traditional medicine.

In a conversation with broadcaster Funmi Iyanda on Public Eye on November 22, Fr Adodo said: “The confusion comes from religion, Christianity in particular. Religion makes us throw away everything in our culture.”

Adodo who is also the founder of Pax Herbals Clinic and Research Laboratories also criticised the current system of medicine practised in the country.

“The current high-tech medical system is focused on waiting for people to fall sick so they can use high-tech machines to diagnose and treat them,” he said.

Funmi also spoke with the chief executive of Quincy Herbals Tobi Ayodele-Keeney and head of the Centre for Research Complimentary Traditions and Alternative Medicine (CRTCAM) Dr O.O. Aina.

The Public Eye team took a trip to Ibadan traditional medicine markets Bode and Oopo-yeosa.

Mrs Ayodele-Keeney stated: “Drug-resistant malaria is more of a problem than COVID-19.”

She further said, “There needs to be research and development of African traditional medicine. We need to standardize the process and the people in the practice.”

According to Aina, a majority of Nigerians have the coronavirus but are asymptomatic.