Moghalu remembers dad who ‘never took bribe’ in 35 years of civil service

Kingsley Moghalu

In celebrating his mother Vidah Moghalu on her 85th birthday, a former presidential candidate Kingsley Moghalu has remembered his late father Isaac Moghalu who took pride in not collecting bribe in 35 years of service as a Nigerian foreign service officer.

In a Twitter thread on Wednesday, Moghalu paid tributes to his father after recalling a story to his mother of how he took after his father in not collecting bribe in his time at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

“I remember this story because I just recalled it to my mother in a conservation to mark her 85th birthday. She was emotional,” he wrote.

“’God bless you my beloved son,’ she said. ‘I thank my God that you have walked in the footsteps of your late father my dear husband. Please never depart from that path.’ I promised her that I won’t.

“Now I am remembering my father Isaac Moghalu, a proud civil servant and former Nigerian Foreign Service Officer in his hey days from 1961 to his retirement in 1984. ‘35 years in the Civil Service,’ he would often brag, beating his chest. ‘And I never took a bribe’.”

Moghalu urged parents to leave good legacies for their children.

He served as deputy governor of financial system stability and the director of CBN from 2009 to 2014.