Moet Abebe gets two new tattoos

Moet Abebe

Media personality, Moet Abebe, has gotten two news tattoos, bringing the total number of inkings on her body to 17.

The 30-year-old shared pictures of her 16th and 17th tattoos and explained the inspiration behind them on Instagram on Monday.

“New! New! We are on No. 17… So here are their back stories… No 16:Given our current situation and these trying times, I decided to get the words ‘Et Haec Habibunt’ inscribed which stands for ‘These bad times shall pass’ on my outer ankle just below my calf (yam)

“No 17: Still on the topic of how things really aren’t the same anymore I had to get a four leaf clover above my outer elbow as we all need Good Luck and I pray we all make it into 2021,” she wrote.

Moet revealed her 15th body art, a tattoo of Queen Nefartiti, on the same platform on February 29.

“No 15…..You know I love any woman that is empowering and no one did it like Queen Nefertiti…,” she captioned a picture of the tattoo on her leg.