Mixed reactions trail breasts scene in Elesin Oba

The late Biyi Bandele’s Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman has sparked mixed reactions on social media over the display of nudity in one of the scenes.

The film was released on Netflix on Friday, November 4.

Produced by Mo Abudu and set in the Oyo Empire, Elesin Oba is the story of a king’s horseman who must commit ritual suicide to follow his deceased king into the afterlife.

However, his best intentions are derailed by his sexual desires which leads to catastrophic consequences and ends in a deadly clash with the British rulers of the day. The horseman is unable to fulfill his ultimate commitment to the king, leaving his spirit to roam the earth, spelling doom for the land and its people.

In one of the scenes, the sex-driven Elesin Oba is seen surrounded by maidens catering to his sexual desires. Those who were topless put their breasts on display for his admiration.

The scene has sparked mixed reactions on Twitter. As some criticised the act, others expressed their delight.