Female DJ Michelle Abesin found 24 hours after reportedly drowning

Fast-rising disc jockey Michelle Abesin aka DJ Michelle who reportedly drowned at a beach in Lagos on Thursday has been rescued 24 hours later.

Her sister Stella who announced her disappearance on social media on Thursday, made an Instagram live video on Friday to show that Michelle had been retrieved alive from the water.

In the video, Michelle is seen cleaning up herself and removing specks of dirt from her body.

While those around her expressed shock and disbelief over her survival, others express gratitude to God.

Before the rescue, Michelle’s sister had cried out as she shared the former’s photo saying, “God why? Ahh Michelle.”

Expressing shock, she wrote, ” I’m in shock. God don’t let this be the end. I need a miracle right now. My sister can’t be gone.”

Stella also claimed that people watched on while her sister drowned. She wrote, “My sister did not deserve this, I can’t breathe. They all stood there and watched her drown. God, where’s my sister?? Where’s her body?”