Mike Bamiloye reveals pet name wife calls him

Christian filmmaker Mike Bamiloye has penned a lengthy emotional message to his wife Gloria Bamiloye on her 57th birthday.

The 60-year-old said on Thursday in an Instagram post that Gloria was the one ordained for him, adding that he would not have married her had he not been born again.

“HALLELUYAH!!! THE GIRL IS 57 TODAY. Only God Can Give a Man a Good Wife. If I have not Found Jesus Christ, I would have missed YOU!” he said.

“Because WHEN I knew I had a Call of God on My Life, I knew I would never succeed in Life unless I got it Right in the Place of Marriage.

“I knew I could Marry just any Sister and just have some Children, but not the Ordained Sister from Heaven who would give me the Children She Could sit down to train.”

Bamiloye ended his note with the words “BRO. MIKE”, revealing it was the name his wife had been calling him for 38 years since they met at the Campus Christian Fellowship drama unit.

Mike and Gloria have three children. Their first grandchild named after Gloria came in January 2020.

The child is born to their first son Damilola who got married to Ella in November 2018.