I might knock out a pastor someday – Burna Boy

Burna Boy

Nigerian celebrities seem to have found a new pastime in pastor bashing.

A week after radio presenter and social media crusader, Daddy Freeze, said anybody paying tithes to Nigerian pastors is a goat, reggae-dancehall singer, Burna Boy, has also declared a dislike for the Nigerian clergy.

The 26-year-old said as much in a tweet on Monday, threatening he “might knock one of the pastors or preachers out one of these days.”

Like Freeze, the ‘Yawa Dey’ singer urged his fans to go find the truth themselves and be free.

A rather brash personality, Burna Boy recently slammed a Twitter follower who pointed out that his English needed upgrading.

“NA Your MAMA no go ever happy about your existence! whoever gave u twitter forgot to give u sense. Its called broken English ode (sic), the man born Damini Ogulu responded via his own tweet.


  1. These guys should realise they mould opinions
    He may not actually assault a Pastor in the end for fear to the law and to protect his career but a less intelligent fan might attack a Pastor

    A Pastor is a citizen with rights
    You may disagree with his theology but openly expressing a desire to cause body harm is not wise
    Should an incident occur in the future I hope he knows that social media utterances are now used as evidence in the courts